May 292013

This is a big day for BADLAND! Today we bring you the first 10 'Dawn' levels for Day II in Update #2 for BADLAND. Let's hope you like it! We are already working hard with the 'Noon' section so you can expect it to be inside your iDevice on late June / early July. These updates are free; just go to the App Store, update and play!

Great news from the award department! BADLAND won the Indie Sensation Award at Nordic Game! Here's a list of all the winners:

This was already the third big award for BADLAND. In November 2012 at Game Connection Europe BADLAND was awarded with Best Project Award and Sony's Best Project Award. So cool!

Also, there are now more than 150 000 players in BADLAND! Thank you for the support! :)

BADLAND - Day II - Dawn

BADLAND - Day II - Dawn

BADLAND - Day II - Dawn

BADLAND - Day II - Dawn

BADLAND - Day II - Dawn

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  14 Responses to “Day II Begins… Now!”

  1. Why u say 150000 Players? In Gamecenter is 235000 Players?

  2. Official download counts say over 150 000 players has bought game.

  3. good…

  4. good…1

  5. absolutly great game.
    i made a review on my blog (german):

    i hope you will enjoy

  6. I’m on the level called twister and there seems to be a bug – at the part when the little guy has to fly a little bit under a beam to make it fall and then get out of the way when it crashes.
    The beam falls, but the exit to the area is still blocked. Am I missing something or is the game buggy?

    • It’s no bug, it’s just challenging :) In order to survive, you must collect the rolling power up and go down as fast as you can because your rolling little guy moves faster on the ground than in the air. Then you should make it just in time.

      • Are you sure it’s not a bug? I have the same problem where the beam falls, I fall on it and the bottom layer opens but but the exit is still blocked by a second layer. It’s not clear how you’re supposed to open the second layer up. What am I missing?

        • Ah nevermind, I figured it out. Great game btw!

          • how?

          • Starting from the checkpoint, you drop down and collect the blue and purple balls, then go straight up to the ceiling and collect the 2nd purple ball. Fly up against the ceiling and you’ll go backwards, then drop down to the ground and roll along quickly. The beam will fall down above you, opening up the bottom bit for you to exit.

  7. On the level twisted when you get to the very end of the level you have to do one more task before finishing. That task is that you and your clones have to role down a ramp and somehow get enough momentum to press a button to stop the airflow through a pipe. I’ve tried to do this about 100 times already. No joke. But I just can’t seem to do it. I don’t know if anybody has past this level but I just need help.

    • Hi Luke, you have to move the big ball that looks like it’s made out of straw up and down the “runway” and into the semi circle catchment that’s next to the button that stops the airflow.

      Starting at the very last checkpoint, collect all the powerups. Then use all the guys you have and push the ball up the slopes. Trick is to make sure you keep pushing from the bottom otherwise they’re not strong enough to get the ball up all the slopes.

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