May 192014

Wow. Lots of stuff happened since last blog post. I guess that has kept us too busy to update this blog. Our apologies for the lack of updates. We are totally alive and hands full of new stuff related to BADLAND!

Latest update, update number #15, brought the awesome cooperative mode to BADLAND. Now you can play the modified Day I levels together with your friends similar to the regular multiplayer. Only this time you are not playing against but for the common good.

COOP in action:

The update before in April brought the Doomsday Level pack with 10 hardcore levels. These were designed especially for our hardcore level loving fans. April 4th was also the first anniversary of BADLAND. Awesome year behind, and even more awesome year ahead of us. Exciting times!

Doomsday levels in action:

BADLAND has also received a lot of new awards and nominations. To name a few, BADLAND won the Grand Prix award in IMGA, best tablet game in the Webby Awards, Best Mobile Game in the Satellite Awards and received three nominations in the BAFTA. And finally, one of the coolest award BADLAND received during the past six months was the App Store iPad Game of the Year 2013 by Apple itself.

Btw, lots of exciting new things happening in the BADLAND world as well. Too early to talk at this point still. Stay tuned :)

Dec 012013

BADLAND is out on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. With 80 levels of single player action and 21 levels of local multiplayer, it now offers an equally solid amount of entertainment also for the Android players.

Get it!

BADLAND for Android is the first version of the game to use a friendly, flexible free-to-play model. The player can choose to play the first 40 levels for free, with no commitment other than to watch a video trailer from time to time. The free content also includes four multiplayer levels. However, there are various ways to purchase additional content in the game. Making any of the purchases removes also all ads:

1) Premium pack. Full unlock of all content and features.
2) “Day II” pack. The second 40 levels of the game.
3) Multiplayer. 17 more multiplayer levels and 3 multiplayer characters.
4) No ads. Removes all ads from the game.

There is also a link to a ‘coming soon’ online store in the game. The shop will open the second week of December and players will then be able to order real world BADLAND goods such as phone cases, T-shirts and posters.

A Kindle version of BADLAND is also coming soon. Keep up with the latest good news from BADLAND by following the game on Facebook and Twitter




Badland - Day II Night

Oct 262013

BADLAND just received a Halloween update with a Halloween themed multiplayer characters and a brand new multiplayer level!

The update is completely free so just go to App Store or BlackBerry World and download the update:

We also started a Halloween competition where you can go crazy playing the multiplayer mode with your friends. Check it out at our Facebook page.
BADLAND - Halloween competition

Oct 032013

BADLAND is now available on Blackberry World!

BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10 users can now join the journey and play through all the 70 hauntingly atmospheric levels of Badland.

Badland on BlackBerry

Badland on BlackBerry Z10

It is thrilling to get the game in front of new users. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Feel free to give us any feedback about anything.

Many of you have been asking also about the Android version. It is getting closer every day. We are hard at work on making it happen rather sooner than later but there is no specific date yet.

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally greet all of you Badlanders and introduce myself. I just joined the two brilliant guys of Frogmind. I will be helping them on the operational and marketing side and ensuring they have more time to work on their art, which is making the games. One of the reasons I’m here is also so that we as Frogmind can spend more time communicating with all of you. I’m hoping we get a good dialog going and can add more value for you also through supporting the games on the social media side. Please join us on the Frogmind journey, which is only in the beginning!

Thanks for all your awesome support and feedback!

Teemu Mäki-Patola
COO & CMO / Frogmind

Ps: Don’t forget to join the second prize winning campaign on our Facebook page starting tonight! Like BADLAND at for more details.

Sep 262013

The Day II continues! BADLAND just received another big update for the single player. The Day II continues with 10 new unique Dusk levels containing 30 new missions and 5 new achievements (1 hidden in the new levels). The new levels introduce new obstacles, including a time stopper and a gravity modifier. Watch them in action:

The update is completely free so just go to App Store and download the update:

We hope you enjoy the new levels! Feel free to give us any feedback in the comments or by contacting us straight through the contact from in

We are also starting a prize winning campaign at our Facebook page. Be sure to follow along for chances to win unique BADLAND related prizes.

Btw, there are over 7 million players in BADLAND! Thank you for the support! :) Be prepared for the Day II conclusion – the Night…




Aug 292013

We have great news for all Android and BlackBerry 10 users! BADLAND is coming to both of these platforms! Check out these fresh videos running BADLAND on Google Nexus 7 and BlackBerry Z10:

If you want to try these out, the guy behind BADLAND’s audio, Joonas Turner, will be at PAX in Seattle this weekend in PAX 10 BADLAND booth with Google Nexus 7, BlackBerry Z10 and of course iPad available running the game. Come and say hi to him! :)

So, when is it coming?

Our best answer at the moment is “soon” or “as soon as they are done”. There’s still work to do. We want BADLAND to be as good gaming experience on Android and BlackBerry 10 as it is now on iOS. We’ll let you know about release dates as soon as we know.

Also, celebrating our PAX presence, the game is now limited time 50% off on App Store!

Aug 222013

Another free BADLAND update went just live! This time we focused on the multiplayer and brought four new multiplayer levels.

Also, big thanks to you, our awesome fans, for great improvement ideas! We listened to you and implemented a bunch of those. For example, this update improves the single player experience so that you do not have to restart an unfinished level even if you have killed the app. In addition, after you have finished all the levels there are currently available, the game now remembers which was the last Day and time of day you played. We are so glad to you give us feedback so we can improve the game.

The update is completely free so just go to App Store and download the update:

We hope you enjoy the new multiplayer levels and improvements as much as we do! Again, feel free to give us any feedback in the comments or by contacting us straight through the contact from in

Badland - multiplayer

Badland - multiplayer

Badland - multiplayer

Badland - multiplayer
Btw, the next update, next month, will bring the long-waited next 10 levels for Day II.

Jul 252013

We collaborated with the good people from Steel Media and here's what came out of it: The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to BADLAND!
Check it out, it's only for iPad and it's completely free:


- Complete breakdown of the game's elements, such as power-ups – What they do, what they look like, and why you should get to know them intimately
- Exclusive walkthrough videos of the toughest levels, as selected by Frogmind
- Essential expert tips from Frogmind
- Developer interview
- And more to come in future updates

The Official Guide Icon

btw. More info about updates and future plans coming soon!

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Jul 032013

BADLAND just received another big update: Day II continues with 10 new unique levels with new features containing 30 new missions and 5 new achievements!

The update is completely free so just go to App Store and download the update:

We hope you enjoy the new levels as much as we do! Feel free to give us any feedback in the comments or by contacting us straight through the contact from in

Also, there are now more than 250 000 players in BADLAND! Thank you for the support! :)

And btw, we started working on the next update which will bring more content to the multiplayer.

BADLAND - Day II - Noon

BADLAND - Day II - Noon
BADLAND - Day II - Noon

Jun 302013

The next big update bringing the next 10 levels for Day II is going to be on your iDevices very soon! Here's a screenshot from the level selection screen. We again have lots of new surprises in the levels :)

Day II - Noon

In other news, BADLAND reached this week yet another amazing mark. There are now over quarter of a million of you, BADLAND players! Thank you all for your support and feedback!

So, what's next after this update? More multiplayer levels! Yep, it's time to bring you new fresh content for the multiplayer. While creating the new multiplayer levels, we'll also continue developing the Day II and prepare to bring the next 10 levels in Dusk section. So – lots of new surprises coming! Have a great summer time everyone!